Changing OBIEE login page logo

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Changed logo in OBIEE login screen

Its been a mystery for quite a long time but the wait is over and we are proposing a solution to change the OBIEE default logo in login page .

Few very simple steps but result will be promising.

Step 1 : Verify the path of logo by inspecting the logo in current login page

Step : 2 Then SSH or Winscp to the path which is also mentioned below

CSS file location


absolute path to css file


Open the CSS in Any editor and search for below tag and change as below.

Step:3 Comment out the line as mentioned below and add the new path with a margin

//   content: “\e666”;
 content : URL(“/custom_library/images/Bikslogo.svg“);
 margin-bottom:65px; // You may vary the margin as per need .

Step:4 Save the CSS file and bounce all by doing ./ and ./

The see the magic after its done.

Changed logo in OBIEE login screen

Yes,, There are glitches with the CSS but with simple CSS changes you may change the look and feel of the customization button and the way it behaves in the page. eg placement and UI of the custom options. Stay tuned to our blog page for more crazy customizations in OBIEE.. Specially ,changing the OBIEE lightweight LOGO change in OBIEE login page.

Please leave a comment if this helps or if you need any help in understanding steps.

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